Annual Website Hosting and Support - Payment

Chxo hosting and support includes the following services:

  • Secure, private, professionally-managed hosting for your Webright or Meditation CMS website(s)
  • SSL protection for usernames/passwords, billing info, and personal information collected by your site
  • Basic help and support by email
  • Free fixes or changes that take less than 10 minutes
  • DNS hosting
  • Domain registration renewal for 1 domain
  • Domain registration renewal for additional domains at $16 each
  • Nightly backup of your website's data
  • Timely security patches and bug-fixes to the server OS and your website

We are pleased to be able to provide at-cost hosting to all of our non-profit clients.

Pay your invoice online via credit card or PayPal balance:

Invoice number

Pay your invoice by check:

Please make your check payable to Chxo Internets, LLC and mail to:

Chris Snyder
Chxo Internets, LLC
106 W. 116 St. #12B
New York, NY 10026

Thank you for your business!