Chxo Web Apps

We have a slightly different take on what apps should do, and be.

We think apps should not be limited to one make or model of device. We think they should keep your data private, even from us. And we think you should be able to distribute and host your apps yourself, without necessarily putting them in someone's app store or cloud.

We're working on a new breed of HTML5 web apps that can be used on any device, including desktop computers, kiosks, tablets, and phones. They are being designed to keep your data private, to work well when you're offline, and to be as convenient and powerful as native apps. Most importantly, they are being designed to solve real problems for you, your family, or your organization.

App examples include pocket references, trackers, forms of all shapes and sizes, virtual tours, slide decks, donate buttons, podcasts, and so on. The apps we build can be used as mini-sites, or popup windows, or be embedded in your webpage, or run off of a usb stick, on any device with a modern browser.